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Enron or BTCA?

Wow, Norma Sheperd the Treasurer of the BTCA was arrested in Lincoln, RI for embezzlement.

Mary Remer the President of the BTCA is profoundly distressed.   Can you imagine being President and not knowing where your $100,000 plus bank account is?  This behavior has been going on since before 2008. 

Now the BTCA is asking you to pay your 2010 due to Dale Schuur the New Treasurer.  If you want you can sent the money to me. At least you will know beer sales will be going up. Burp!!!

Why does this happen?  Is it because people are to trusting, No
How does this happen?  Any time someone mentions that we need to have a little more control over our money, they say, what you don't trust us, you don't trust Norma:-(  I believe Norma Sheperd has previously lost money, yet she still retained her job as Treasurer.

This is about knowing and not doing anything.  When will the officers pay the money back? 

These are the people you put in charge of your money. Are they personally liable?

President: Mary Remer
Vice President: Mr. Brent Ruppel
Second Vice President: Mrs. Becky Poole
Excectuive Seceretary: Ms. Naomi Waynee
Corresponding Secretary: Mrs. Claude Sharp
Acting Treasurer:  Dale Schuur
AKC Delegate: Dr. Dale Schuur
Members at Large: Mrs. Jacquie Smith and Mrs. Glenna Wright.

I previously wrote: Can the end of the BTCA be far off?  Well, It Schurr look like the end......

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